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The Hite Report

A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality

by Shere Hite


This is a reproduction of the classic text with a new introduction by the author. The Hite Report, first published in 1976, was a sexual revolution in six hundred pages. To answer sensitive questions dealing with the most intimate details of women's sexuality, Hite's innovation was simple: she asked women—a lot of them—everything. And published the results.

One hundred thousand women, ages fourteen to seventy-eight, were asked what they do and don't like about sex; how an orgasm really feels, with and without intercourse; how it feels not to have an orgasm during sex; the importance of clitoral stimulation and masturbation; and to name the greatest pleasures and frustrations of their sexual lives, among many other questions.

The Hite Report declares that orgasm is easy and strong for women, given the right stimulation; that most women have orgasm most easily during masturbation or clitoral stimulation by hand; that sex as we define it is a cultural institution, not a biological one; and that attitudes must change to include the stimulation women desire.

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“A frankness and directness not usually seen in print … Many female readers can closely identify with these intimate revelations.”

“The first major literary breakthrough in this field since the work of Masters and Johnson.”


Shere Hite, PhD, is recognized throughout the world for her work on psychosexual behavior and gender relations. Hite has taught at Nihon University in Japan, Chongqing University in China, and Maimonides University in North Miami Beach, Florida. She was director of the National Organization for the Women’s Feminist Sexuality Project from 1972 to 1978 and since that time she has acted as director of Hite Research International. Dr. Hite is the author of The Hite Report: A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality, The Hite Report on Men and Male Sexuality, and Sex and Business, among many others. Hite renounced her American citizenship in 1995 and resides in Germany.