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In Healing Your Body Naturally, Gary Null interviews leading alternative health practitioners nationwide to learn the secrets of their successes. He asks the hard questions about heart disease, mental illness, cancer, arthritis, allergies, diabetes, back and leg ailments, and digestive disorders. The answers he receives, distilled here into one volume, will thrill and surprise anyone suffering from the symptoms of any of these conditions who has been frustrated by the conventional approaches of traditional Western medicine.


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Gary Null, PhD, is one of America’s leading health and fitness writers and alternative practitioners. Trained as a nutritionist, he is the author of dozens of books and hundreds of medical articles. His one-hour health radio program airs daily on WBAI in New York City and globally as a podcast. Null is a former faculty member of the New School for Social Research. Among his many bestselling books are Get Healthy Now! and, with Barbara Seaman, For Women Only!. He lives in New York City and Naples, Florida.

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