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August 08

There's a 2020 candidate for the presidency they call Bernie. You may have heard of him. He's an old-fashioned fellow, but his ideas—free college, medicare for all—are pretty newfangled. . . .

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July 30

We sat down with J. Malcolm Garcia to discuss his book The Fruit of All My Grief and his method of writing about folks in the U.S. whose stories the headlines tend to leave behind.

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July 22

Paul Krassner, co-founder with Abbie Hoffman of the Yippies, author, editor, and all around merry prankster, died yesterday at 87. Seven Stories publisher Dan Simon shares a few words on why Paul was, as Kurt Vonnegut once put it, "one of our most important national treasures." You can donate in Paul's memory here.

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July 16

Yesterday the the New York Times ran a feature implying there are no major health risks associated with the upcoming move to 5G cellular networks. The piece did make a convincing case that an often reproduced graph on the dangers of cell phones, first created by a Dr. Bill P. Curry in 2000, contains a serious error. But the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMF) are broader than the article mentions, and the effects have by no means been exhaustively studied. As a primer to the subject, here is the first chapter of Martin Blank's Overpowered: What Science Tells Us About the Dangers of Cell Phones and Other WiFi-Age Devices.

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June 17

As the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots approaches, it is important to honor the stories of those in pursuit of justice and acceptance for the LGBT+ community. Originally translated and published in 2009, Seba al-Herz's pseudonymously written The Others is one such story, detailing a nameless woman's discovery of her own sexual orientation within a repressive community in Saudi Arabia. The following excerpt from the 2010 Stonewall Book Award nominee illustrates the powerful, yet tortuous intersection between love, faith, and identity.

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